KE17Y Mini Excavator

KE17Y is a true zero tail swing mini excavator and thanks to the specially designed variable undercarriage (950-1280mm), it can be the most narrowest and widest mini excavator of it's kind. 3-pump hydraulic system allows it to generate most power of any comparable machine and guarantees smooth and simultaneous operation of working movements, even while travelling. With adotion of Yanmar TNV engine, KE17Y is also exceptionally stable, durable and reliable.

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3 pumps guarantees smooth and simultaneous operation of working movements, even while travelling. 
3-pump hydraulic system consists of a double variable displacement piston pump and a gear pump, which generates a max total hydraulic flow 48.4l/min and hydraulic pressure 20.6Mpa, giving the operator great control and flexibility. 

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The KE17Y features an extendable undercarriage (950-1280mm. When the undercarriage is fully retracted the KE17Y can access the most restricted areas and becomes perfect for trenching and landscaping work in tight urban areas or at residential properties. 

The KE17Y adopts Yanmar’s TNV series engine which offers impressive power and class-leading performance.

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The excellent accessibility to engine components fro the hood allow for easy and quick daily maintenance checks.

Cylinder protection by steel plate significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of the machine. 

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With one-piece casting upper frame, KE17Y ensures optimum stability and outstanding flexibility to suit every job application. 


Performance1Max digging depthmm2200
2Max digging heightmm3690
3Max dumping heightmm2630
4Max digging radiusmm3710
5Min swing radiusmm1520
6Max vertical digging depthmm1850
7Max digging forcekN15.2
9Operating weightKG1700KG
Yanmar 3TNV70
11Rated powerkw10
12Rated RPM
Hydraulics13Multiple directional valve
Italy hydro control
14Travelling motor
15Hydraulic flowl/min17.6*2 13.2*1
16Hydraulic pressureMpa20.6