● It has fast and reliable ignition, low fuel consumption and strong power, using direct injection technique.

● Quality components such as Bosch P Series injectors and VE pumps are used in fuel oil system. It features a stable idle-speed, low noise and emission meeting the requirements of European e-Mark IIA Regulations.

● To ensure engine reliability, we use imported or nationally recognized brands of starter motors and generators.

● It provides PTO.

● It is functional, yet retains a good appearance.

● We provide excellent after - sales service and supply sufficient spare parts.


● Non-road special power, low speed and strong power;

● When the gear drive is positive, it can deal with all kinds of bad working conditions;

● Built-in channel EGR, compact structure, the machine height is lower than the similar model, the engine center of gravity is lower for smooth operation;

● Bosch non-road common rail, reliable work.

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