Welcome to Kassel machinery

Kassel machinery is a company dedicated to high performance compact size hydrostatic and electric agricultural and construction equipment ranging from wheel loader, telehandler, skid steer loader, forklift, excavator, tractor to power system with more than 12 years experiences. 


Our vision is very simple

To quote what Elon Musk said “all a company is a group of people that have gathered together to create a great product or service” 
That’s exactly what we do.  Kassel machinery’s vision is to make and deliver best performance products and great service to all customers. No matter where the customers are in the world, Kassel’s diverse product line-up enables us to support countless applications across a wide range of industries, including the construction, landscaping, municipal and industrial sectors. Furthermore, we are constantly innovating our product portfolio to keep our customers on the leading edge as they move forward. 

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Based out of Qingdao, Kassel machinery has several factories that are located in beautiful Shandong province and Hubei province, China and sells directly to customers in the construction, municipal, waste management, agriculture, and logistics sectors. All Kassel machinery’s products are made of high quality component. For example, we are very careful with the engine choices, on most Kassel machines’ the power is from Yanmar, Kubota, Cummins and Perkins as well as other quality components including Linde or Interpump hydraulic transmission, Hydro control valve. They are all designed to work in perfect harmony, ensuring economical, reliable and productive performance. 

Welcome to visit Kassel Machinery. Together, we can make your future better!

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