KS-D10VE compound wing UAV

Four-rotor fixed-wing hybrid layout UAV, the maximum take-off weight is 10kg±5%; the fixed-wing part adopts the layout of a single wing with a large aspect ratio, a V-shaped tail, and a rear propeller; the quad-rotor part and the fixed-wing part of the wing Combine. The UAV has both the vertical take-off and landing capability of a quad-rotor aircraft and the fast cruise capability of a fixed-wing aircraft. With four different loads, the corresponding load can be quickly replaced according to mission requirements, and it has broad application prospects.

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KS-D10VE UAV has the following advantages:


Quick installation and removal without tools. All connections of the whole machine are equipped with a quick locking mechanism, without any tools, the whole machine can be assembled quickly by hand, and the electrical connection is automatically completed when the mechanical connection is completed. It can be completed within 2 minutes from unpacking to assembly.


Modular design. The fuselage or load compartment can be replaced quickly, and the fastest replacement time is no more than half a minute, so as to adapt to different energy sources, power and task loads, and perform different tasks.


Easy maintenance. The lithium battery pack and the fuselage adopt a quick-installation and quick-release mechanism, and the replacement of the battery can be completed within 20 seconds at the fastest, and it can quickly take off again to perform tasks.


Taking into account vertical take-off and landing and high-speed cruise. The combination of multi-rotor and fixed-wing composite layout scheme enables the UAV to have the ability of vertical take-off and landing, high speed and long-term cruising at the same time, and can autonomously operate in complex terrain such as mountains, hills, jungles and dense buildings. Taking off and landing greatly expands the application range of UAVs.


The load is large. Thanks to the excellent structural design and advanced composite material structure, the structural weight is low, and the maximum usable payload weight of KS-D10VE can reach 2.5kg


Flight time. High-efficiency aerodynamic designs such as large-aspect-ratio wings, high-lift airfoils, and low-drag fuselage make the overall lift-drag ratio higher. Combined with high-energy-density batteries and excellent oil-powered systems, the maximum flight time is at the same level, It is at the advanced level among the same type of UAVs. KS-D10VE has a maximum flight time of up to 2 hours


Easy to carry. A drone, a set of spare batteries, a charger, a charger DC power supply, and a spare parts bag can all be put into a backpack of 0.83m×0.4m×0.4m, with a total mass of no more than 15kg. One person can carry it on his back and walk around flexibly.

KS-D10VE UAV main specifictions

1Take-off and landing modeFully autonomous fixed-point vertical take-off and landing
2Wind resistance level Level 6
3Dimensions (length × width × height)1.196m×2.285m×0.496m
4Maximum take-off weight10kg±5%
5Take-off weight (five-lens camera)7.8kg±5% (flight time 2.0h)
6Take-off Weight (Aerial Survey Camera)7.8kg±5% (flight time 2.0h)
7Take-off weight (single light pod)9.2kg±5% (flight time 1.6h)
8Take-off weight (Dual light pod)9.5kg±5% (flight time 1.5h)
10Flight speed range70-130Km/h
11Practical Ceiling in Fixed Wing Flight Mode6000m
12control methodFully autonomous control
13Time from unpacking to assembly2min
14Battery pack replacement time/re-flight time20s/2min
15Backpack Dimensions (L×W×H)0.83m×0.4m×0.4m
16Total backpack system weight≤ 30KG
Specifications and characteristics are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for detailed information.

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