• Best compact design

    ● IF you look for compact size hydrostatic or electric wheel loaders, look no further

    ● High performance
    ● Compact & powerful

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  • Compact utility tractor

    ● High reliability
    ● Superior performance
    ● Fit your budget
    ● Productivity & Simplicity

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  • Telehandlers

    ● An increase in performance and comfort

    ● Easy stacking,  moving and more

    ● Maneuverable and effective 

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  • A mini excavator capable of making tight turns

    ● Improved work efficiency

    ● Powered by Yanmar EPA4 and Stage V engine

    ● True zero tail sailing

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  • 100% electric

    ● Zero tailpipe emission

    ● Perfect fit for noise sensitive areas

    ● A new level of operator comfort

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Why Hydrostatic Transmission?

In recent years, needs for low fuel consumption and reduction in environmental loads have rapidly increased in industrial vehicles and construction machinery due to growing global environmental awareness and a rise in crude oil prices. The response to the above has become an important element in the development and manufacturing of wheel loader and other construction machines.  Therefore we develop a complete line-up of hydrostatic machines that have adopted electronically-controlled HST (Hydrostatic Transmission) in place of T/C (Torque Converter) + T/M (Transmission) used for travel drive system of conventional machines, which realizes low fuel consumption and reduction in environmental loads, also improvement in operability and work-ability.

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The advantages of the hydrostatic transmission system

● Infinitely variable. With a constant input speed, hydrostatic transmission can deliver variable output speed and vice versa.
● Adjustment of speed, power and torque is possible with hydrostatic transmission.
● Smooth and controlled acceleration.
● Fast response.
● Precise speed under variable load.
● Ease of control.
● Provide dynamic braking.
● Make the machine size as compact as possible since there is no dependence on gear sets to multiply torque or change directions, the transmission is much smaller.
● Much less system noise
● More possibilities for attachments

Why Go Electric?

When you purchase Kassel electric equipment, you’ll have what it takes to get the job done while also contributing to a cleaner and healthier future for everyone.
Adopting all-electric machinery has multiple benefits for operators beyond a reduced carbon footprint and increased sustainability. With a significant reduction in moving parts and components, no requirement for fossil fuel combustion or storage and virtually no need for consumables such as engine oil, the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced compared to ICE-based counterparts. In fact, EVs have seen as much as a 40% savings in maintenance costs over comparable ICE models.
But perhaps the most unexpected benefit is the silence. Without an engine, our electric equipment sound levels are 60% lower than traditional machinery. With 1 in 4 Construction workers suffering from hearing loss, the reduced operating noise of our equipment will help you keep your staff healthy.

Benefits at a Glance

Zero Operating Emissions

Electric industrial produce zeroharmful operating emissions,which reduces your overall carbon footprint.

Reduced Noise

Less noise and vibration generated makes it ideal for sensitive areas such as hottels, cities, residential cattle farms. parks and hospitals.

Lower TCO 

With fewer components and no requirement for fassil fuels and many of the consumables associated with ICE equioment electric vehicles provide a lowel totall cost of ownership.

Improved Operator H&S

With zero operating emissions and significantly reduced noise levels. operator health and safety is improved